XL 100% Dehydrated dog treats, box


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Why not treat your 4 legged fur baby to our new selection of 100% all natural dehydrated goodies, no rawhide, no grain, no additives, nothing taken away but all the flavour and goodness locked in.

Some items still have the fur on which helps as a natural wormer and aids with digestion. The harder treats clean and strengthen teeth helping to keep them in tip top condition.

The XL box contains the following items (some products are swapped periodically to add variation to your dogs diet)

1 x Large item, either a pig’s ear, a lambs leg, deer leg or a cows snout.

5 x chicken feet.

10 x chicken wings.

1 x beef short tail.

10 x fish wrapped in chicken skin.

1 x pork snout.

1 x pork inner ear.

2 x goose feet.

3 x beef sausages.

8 x rabbit ears with fur.

1 x beef trachea.

1 x beef hoof.

1 x duck neck.

1 x pork tail.

2 x turkey wings.


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